Flytying Lessons
I offer online fly tying courses for both beginners and seasoned fly tyers alike. Learn how to create your first fly or explore advanced fly-patterns, tips and techniques. The online lessons are done using multiple cameras, a setup that gives a clear view as to what is going on at the vise , as well as any material handling and preparation. By utilizing the online platform you can refer any questions real-time and work along side my instructions.

Lessons are offered as individual or a multi-session course. A course can be scheduled at a mutually agreed-upon time and adjusted in length to fit our schedules. I will try to accommodate any time difference, as I am currently operating in European central time, GMT +1.

In the next section on this page, you will find an array of ideas for lesson content. Look me up via mail if you are looking for a custom tailored course, be it specific fly types, techniques or tips & tricks.
Flytying lessons - Examples

Fly tying at age 6
Alisa took her first lesson and was able to tie her very first fly, a black seatrout pattern. She told me after she finished, "I will fill my whole flybox with colorful flies!" She is off to a flying start
and has keenly been creating her very own flies since. You can't start them too young!